Hello there Neighbor!

Welcome to LAMA, we are a network of neighbors helping neighbors throughout the Greater Lansing Area. Our normal website is taking a break while we rebuild it into something that makes it easier for everyone to connect with mutual aid opportunities in Lansing. In the meantime, we are building up a directory of local services so that it is easier to meet your own needs and find opportunities to help others.

You can help us right now by letting us know about any of the following or anything else you think would fit nicely with this list:

  • Transportation services
  • Free/sliding scale
    • Skills education and training
    • Professional services, like legal aid
    • Medical services
    • Dental services
    • Repair services for all kinds of things
  • Food banks and meal services
  • Bike, computer, and other collectives where people can work together
  • Housing and shelter services
  • Immigration assistance
  • Harm reduction materials and outreach

Thank you Lansing for being good neighbors!